Recollecting Tibet is an award winning documentary that examines the cultural and spiritual conflicts facing the Tibetan community who are immersed and surrounded by Chinese, Indian and Nepalese cultures, tourists and westernization.

The film journeys into Tibet documenting the Chinese occupation and the climate of oppression. With religious practises being restricted in Tibet by the Chinese and many Tibetan women financially forced into prostitution, it questions how the Tibetans can preserve their heritage. The journey leaves Tibet and into Nepal; to hear first-hand accounts from Tibetans escaping into Nepal by risking their lives on the treacherous journey crossing over the Himalayas. Traversing through differing locations and times, the film becomes a visual chronicle of events undertaken by one observer and camera. The narration reflects back upon the histories witnessed; leading up to the demonstration in March 2008 and beyond to the perpetual past and future histories of the Tibetans.

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