Citizen Camera is based in Hampshire, England and is run by Karin-Bam Stowe and Hanna Adcock.    
We have extensive experience in the media, charity and education sectors and work locally and internationally with a wide network of contacts running workshops and making films.

Bam Stowe has worked as a freelance investigative photojournalist and documentary filmmaker for the last fifteen years producing documentaries, articles and photo essays for the third sector and mainstream press. His work examines and investigates the individual and collective human struggle against oppressive regimes and his photojournalism and documentary film work has been screened worldwide and published in major newspapers and magazines. 

Hanna Adcock
is a videographer, photographer and journalist concentrating on humanitarian issues. She also has extensive experience within the charity sector and has worked with various organisations creating campaigns, fundraising and promotional media output.

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Our Ethos

We create inspirational products that educate audiences and empower the indivduals involved. We are passionate about the positive representation of marginalised groups and the importance of citizen journalism. By working closely with communities and charities, we can ensure that the products we create are inspirational, fair, educational, unique and positive.

Our team has worked for a variety of organisations and have had work shown on UK and international television. These include: