By investing in media training your staff, we can help you become self-sufficient and ensure that you have a continuous supply of high quality internally-created media.

We understand that hiring external companies and freelancers can be costly over time. We also understand that sometimes it is simply not practical to do this. That is why that we also offer training to organisations.

We can help your organisation train volunteers, staff members and field workers to be able to shoot, edit and distribute films as well as how to take powerful photographs and use social networking and viral marketing effectively.


There are a variety of different types of training, and each course is customised to your requirements. Some examples of courses we teach are below but for a more comprehensive list, please contact us with you requirements.

  • Documentary and Video Journalism for Campaigning, Fundraising and Promoting

  • Capturing Case Studies in the Field

  • Viral Film and Social Media

  • DSLR Filming and Photography

  • Multimedia Journalism

  • Interview Techniques

  • Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

  • Software including but not limited to: Adobe CC package - Premiere Pro, After Effects, Sound Booth, Photoshop, InDesign and Final Cut Pro

  • Training for various audio/visual equipment - please contact for more details.


We want to ensure that knowledge is not forgotten after we leave. Therefore, we ensure that all our teaching models are sustainable. All our courses come with printable, comprehensive step by step guides that you can refer back to whenever you need.

Our team has worked for a variety of organisations and have had work shown on TV channels. These include: